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How to Avoid Home Improvement Blunders

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Due to the challenging economic times many  homeowners are trying to do home improvement  and  construction projects themselves. Very rarely  these projects get done properly. 

Unless you a seasoned contractor with the skills,  tools, and craftsmen, you’ll probably end up paying  more for your project. If you make mistakes then  hire a professional it will normally cost you much  more due to the pros having to fix your mistakes.

Why do I need a Contractor?
There are several key reasons to select a contractor
for your home improvement project:
  • Getting Permits and Variances
  • Cost Considerations
  • Plumbing and Electrical can create significant damage if done improperly
  • Personal Priorities
Permits and Variances
Both State and Local Building Codes have to be met in order to do a construction project. It is much easier to meet those codes and obtain a permit if you’re a licensed and insured contractor. Some homeowners have completed home improvement projects while skipping this step only to find out that it is deemed unsafe. If that happens you’ll have to hire a contractor to completely undo what you did then do the job. Why spend extra money?
Cost Considerations

As listed above most do it yourself projects end up with a contractor being hired to fix the mistakes and redo the project from scratch. If you try to redo it on your own you will burn through money rapidly. Don’t forget that most contractors get discounted materials because they buy in bulk. Also many times the cost of buying all the tools required can outweigh the cost of a contractor.

Plumbing and Electrical Hazards
These two tasks requires years of experience for contractors to perfect. The smallest leak can create a lot of water damage. Even minor Plumbing and Electrical work requires permits and inspections.

Personal Priorities
The most important reason to hire a contractor is based off of your personal life. Contractors plan and execute projects, have the experience to avoid injuries, supply the tools and materials, and finally clean up the project.

Overall many homeowners get injured or do their projects improperly. Why waste time and money just so you can eventually pay a pro more to do the job for you?
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