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How to Properly Plan an Addition

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There are many ways to transform your current  home into your dream house. With the declining  housing market more and more people are  leaning  towards increasing their living space.  Now  is a  great time to do these projects because  the cost of  materials is nearing record lows.  Below are several  tips to guide homeowners who  are considering this  process

An addition is a large project and requires a great
deal of preparation. First you must consider what type of an addition is right for you.

Second Story Additions
There are many benefits in doing a second story addition. The permits are easier to acquire. The local zoning codes aren’t as critical. More importantly it will reduce your heating costs due to an extra insulation. Many Homeowners use a second story addition to completely upgrade their exterior siding and windows

Bathroom Additions
Adding a bathroom has become the most popular home addition in the past decade. Not only will this make your life more convenient it also adds value you to your home, because many older homes were built with only one or two bathrooms.

Weather you are looking to add a year round living space, or simply add a nice company room a sunroom is a great option. Sunrooms are a popular form of ground-level additions.

Getting Started
Regardless of which project you are considering here are the first two things you need to do:
  • Consider your needs.
  • Talk to the pros for quality estimates
Quality professionals can provide you with an array of creative suggestions and designs you might not have considered. They also can help you do the complex tasks of locating the property lines, developing a design that complement the existing structure, and most importantly detail your plans.
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