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The repair and replacement of siding are expensive propositions, which is why it is important to know the different types out there.  Each has benefits whether you choose to repair, partially replace, completely replace, or install for the first time on a new home:

Vinyl  – This is the most popular form of siding for homeowners.  It is made of plastic, and can be purchased in various lengths and colors.  It is the most cost-effective form of siding, and the easiest to maintain.

Fiber-Cement - This type of siding costs more than vinyl siding, but it is known to last longer.  The siding consists of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers, which provide durability. 

Wood  - This siding option comes in a variety of thicknesses and patterns and can be applied vertically or horizontally.  This type of option gives homeowners the variety of choices when it customizing the appearance of their homes. 

Aluminum Siding – While this type of siding has the same appearance as vinyl siding, it is known to be much longer-lasting and a lot easier to repair.

Steel Siding – While this type of siding can be more expensive, it can last a lifetime.  It is extremely resistant to severe weather conditions, and can even be coated in vinyl, thus eliminating the need for paint.

Asbestos Siding - This type of siding can no longer be installed due to the Environmental Protection Agency’s ban in the 1970s.  Asbestos siding that still exists in homes is composed of cement tiles.  It is a good idea for homeowners with this type of siding to inspect it regularly to make sure it is not deteriorating, as it can cause a health hazard. 

Brick or Stone Siding – This type of siding consists of bricks, stones, veneer, and mortar.  It is known for its durability and energy efficiency.

Exterior Trim – Exterior trim is often used to enhance the appearance of windows, as well as provide additional insulation in an energy-efficient manner.  Materials in these siding projects include consist of fascia and soffits. 

Liquid/Spray-On Siding – This is a type of vinyl siding that can be sprayed onto a home’s exterior.  It has been said to remove the homeowner’s need to paint.

Synthetic  Stucco Siding -  This type of siding consists of cement panels or a foam insulation board.  It has been said to be resistant to moisture.



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