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Furnace units are complex creatures.  There are so many types at so many prices that it’s difficult to tell how much to spend on a furnace unit unless you evaluate certain factors, like your financial and living situations.  This is why it’s best to speak with a heating contractor before you make any decisions.  Here are some things you want to discuss with him:

Furnace prices vary all over the place.  Some cost only a few hundred dollars, while others run upwards for a couple thousand.  The type to buy depends mostly on how much you want to spend and what your needs are.  If you see a furnace listed for $300, there’s usually a reason it’s so cheap (which ultimately won’t benefit your home), so look beyond just the price.  By contrast, don’t buy the most expensive furnace just because you can.  Spending an extra thousand dollars on a furnace that’ll only reduce your energy bill by two or three dollars makes no sense, no matter what your financial situation is. 

High-Efficiency Furnace or Low-Efficiency Furnace?
Many homeowners, when they shop for a furnace, debate on whether they want to spend more money for a high-efficiency furnace.  There are advantages to both: by installing a high-efficiency furnace, you may be able to obtain a tax credit.  But by buying a low-efficiency furnace, you can invest money in other areas of your home, such as replacement windows or extra insulation (which can also help you save money on your heating costs).  Much of depends on the climate in which you live, as well as the size of your home. 

Premium Furnaces or Alternative Home Heating
If you are thinking about a high-efficiency furnace, you may want to consider whether you actually need a new furnace in the first place.  You obviously want high-quality, but instead of purchase an expensive one, you could consider installing hydronic heating with the new furnace, as well as new insulation and replacement windows, or a geothermal pump.  These are cost-effective ways to keep your home as warm as possible during the winter months.  Furnaces are only one part of your home’s heating system, and even if it needs to be replaced, investing money into other areas than the furnace can yield some wonderful results on your home’s comfort level. 


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