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Bathroom and kitchen remodels are great things for your home, but they can also be quite expensive.  There are cheaper ways to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home, which also pay off in dividends you could ever imagine.  One such improvement is the fireplace.  This is one of the most visible areas of your home, and can not only serve you well functionally, but can also provide an attractive centerpiece without a huge investment of time and money. 

Transforming Your Fireplace
Many homeowners enjoy the traditional wood-burning fireplace.  However, fireplace-quality wood is becoming more and more expensive.  Gas is a little bit less expensive, and it burns more cleanly and safely.  In addition, you may live in an area where air pollution in an issue, so your options may be limited when it comes to buying wood, as well as burning wood.  Plus, burning wood in your fireplace can cause crackling that sends sparking into the surrounding area, which, in turn, may lead to an unwanted fire hazard. 

The Surrounding Areas
”Fireplace remodeling” can mean many different things.  Some people choose to remodel the surrounds of a fireplace.  For example, a new mantel can enhance its look.  If you choose to remodel your surrounds with wood, hiring a woodworking contractor can do some amazing things for your fireplace at a surprisingly low cost.  You could also consider adding wall sconces on either side of your fireplace, and you can create an entirely new atmosphere for your den or living room.

Finding a Contractor
Depending on what you’re trying to do for your fireplace, you might need to hire different kinds of contractors.  If you’re installing sconces, you probably need an electrical contractors.   If you’re installing new marble, you need a masonry contractor.  A wood surround means a woodworking contractor.  If, however, you’re doing multiple things, there are fireplace remodeling contractors who will do it all.  Whatever your needs are, chances are, you’ll be able to find the contractor you need.  By talking your ideas over with him, you’ll get a much firmer grasp on what you’ll need for the project.  Start by speaking with several contractors so you know who will make the best fit for your fireplace remodeling needs.


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