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Dumpster Rental

Dumpster Rental

Most homeowners have to rely on the city’s garbage service to take away their trash.   Occasionally, they may need to rent a dumpster for certain purposes, as they won’t be able to wait until the trash service comes. Below, we’ll examine the ins and outs of dumpster rental: 

How Dumpster Rental Works
These rental dumpsters look like box cars, not the giant metal bins you find in housing developments and restaurants.  They’re designed for waste material that decomposes quickly, leaving an unwanted smell.  This material in stored in a separate part of a landfill for this rental.

A Dumpster rental company will bring the container to your house and place it by your curb or driveway.  You fill it up with what you need, and when you’ve used up all the space in your container or you’re done throwing away your waste, call them up and they’ll haul it away.

When You’ll Need a Dumpster

If you’re taking on a home improvement project that involves ripping out walls, flooring, roofing, windows, siding, etc, then you need to rend a dumpster.  It can be quite the nuisance if it has to stay in a driveway until the garbage collector comes.  It has to go somewhere, and a dumpster rental company is a great method of hauling it away.

Large yard projects where you are removing shrubs, trees, sod, and play equipment are  great times to rent a dumpster.  Garbage collectors won’t take them; they generally don’t fit in garbage trucks or city trash containers.

This type of rental is great if you’re moving out of your house.  These dumpsters were made for things like old furniture, bookshelves, tables, exercise equipment, doors, and area rugs.  You may not fill the whole thing, but you need to get rid of it right away, so renting a dumpster here makes complete sense. 

Rental Costs & Sizes
On average, the cost to rent a trash dumpster is between $500 and $600.  It can also range from $150 to $1,200.  Homeowners taking on smaller projects can usually expect to sepdn between $150 and $300, whereas larger renovations will cost closer to $800- $1,000.  The sizes can also vary by state and by company.  Most companies will have a wide variety to choose from; tell them what your needs are, and they’ll let you know what size is best.


Make sure you prepare for the dumpster’s arrival, as not doing so can cause unwanted problems down the road.

-          Make sure that your street or driveway is clear for where you want the container to go. If it’s too far from your house, you’ll have to walk a long distance, which can be quite aggravating.  You may have to park far away from your house if the dumpster is taking up your parking space, but it’ll be worth it; just don’t plan to go anywhere for a while.

-          These containers can be pretty tall.  If you’re not tall enough and forsee having trouble throwing the rubbish into the container, create or buy some steps or hard boxes to make the process easier on your back.



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