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Single and Double-Pane Window

Single and Double-Pane Window

Traditionally, homeowners were limited in the types of windows they had to choose from.  The ones they did have to choose from didn’t provide the best insulation, which caused manufacturers to want to offer a wider variety of materials.  The downside of this is that repairs are now tougher, as the process of replacing a broken windowpane is a different one for every window.  The following is a guide:

Single Windowpanes
A single windowpane is relatively easy to replace, if a bit time-consuming.  Wooden frames are the easiest to work with, followed by aluminum, and then vinyl. If you’re opting to do it yourself, there are online guides that will explain step-by-step how to replace the windowpane in any type of frame. Wooden window frames are still found in many homes, but the trend has been leaning towards aluminum and vinyl because of their cost-effectiveness and their ease of maintenance.

Double Window Panes
The process of replacing a double windowpane is more complex.  When one pane is cracked or broken, both panes will usually need to be replaced.  The panes should also be replaced if moisture starts to appear between the two pieces of glass.  This means that the seal is starting to fading, and from there, the problem can become extremely ugly.  Since it’s a more complicated procedure, it’s usually best to call a contractor unless you have a great deal of knowledge and experience in windows replacement.

Picture Windows
Most picture windows are single-paned, but there are some double-paned models as well.  Due to the delicate nature of picture windows, replacing one is a very difficult job, which usually requires two or more professionals.  Picture window installation often requires materials that only contractors own, and it requires a special type of training to do so.  Since they’re sensitive, it needs to be done the right the first time; mistakes can cause permanent damage to the fixture.  So if you need to install a picture, it’s definitely best to hire a pro.  


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