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Siding Maintenance

Siding Maintenace: How Much (or Little)?

One of the good things about siding is that it usually requires very little maintenance, since it is designed to be out there in the harsh elements (not to mention get the occasional contact with sporting equipment).  However, there are methods to making the most out of that little maintenance. 

Vinyl Siding
In the rare case that a piece of vinyl siding comes loose, it needs to be fixed soon.  It it flaps in the wind or starts bending and curving into different shapes, then it needs to be replaced, as it doesn’t fix. 

It’s a good idea to have your vinyl siding power washed once a year, usually before or after the summer.  Insects have a way of getting into those small ledges made in siding stair-steps.  Power washing will remove them; you’ll also want to broom over it as well.  Vinyl siding also gets dirty from the elements, so power washing will bring it back to new. 

Wood Siding
Wood siding needs to be treated every four to six years, which involves painting or restaining, as cold and winds can cause cracks, while heat can cause rot.  In more moderate climates, you may not need to do it as often.  Wood siding needs to be treated every 4-6 years depending on how fierce the elements are in your area. In the mountain states where the sun and snow can be particularly vicious, you might need to have your wood siding treated more often, and possibly less often in temperate climates.  One tip: if you power wash it once or twice, that can help to maintain its appearance.

Stucco Siding
Stucco siding is a popular hangout (and squatting) spot for woodpeckers, so if you start to see holes, you need to replace them immediately. Additionally, if sap and mold start growing on stucco siding, it can ruin it quickly.  Examine it a couple of times a year to remove any stains that might be forming.  Degreaser works, and so could bleach if it’s a lighter shade.

Metal Siding
Metal siding has a tendency to rust.  If you start to see rust beginning to form, you can scrape it off and coat it with a sealant so it doesn’t rust through.  Many metal siding options are also painted, and if the paint is peeling or starting to chip, scraping and repainting will prevent against further problems. 


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