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Siding FAQ's

The FAQs About Home Siding

 Many homeowners don’t learn about siding until the time comes to replace it.  Naturally, this can cause a great deal of stress, as you’re forced to make decisions under time pressure.  Never a good thing.

Below are some commonly asked questions homeowners have about siding.  Even if your siding is holding strong right now, it might benefit you to give these answers a read in case something should happen (chances are, it will):

What should I do about failing house siding?
As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Before you immediately decide to replace it, see if you can diagnose the problem.  Sometimes, if no trees or bushes are rubbing up against the siding, moisture could be causing to siding to fade.  At this point, you’ll want to repair or replace it before it begins to cause serious structural damage.

When is the best time of year to install new siding?
Most siding companies work year-round, but fall and winter are the best times, since they’re the quieter season: most people opt to replace during the spring and summer, when they plan on having guests for barbecues and such.  If you do call during the fall and winter, not only will it be easier for you to get the job done quickly, but you may even get a deal! 

How long does it take to do?
This depends on the type of siding, but on average, it can take approximately two weeks. Contractors need to remove the old siding, do prep work, add insulation, and most importantly, install the new siding.  You can also add any modifications, like painting or staining.

An additional note: Don’t worry with having your exterior home exposed to the elements during the installation. Contractors have ways of leaving your home protected.  But if you are concerned, it doesn’t hurt to ask them how they’ll do this. 

Is it okay to add vinyl siding over existing siding?
Sometimes you can, and sometimes you can’t.  Ask your contractor whether you can install vinyl siding over existing siding.  Usually, it depends on how that particular brand is fastened. 

If the cost of siding removal is a concern for you, you may be able to take it off yourself before the contractor installs it.  It will save you money on labor.


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