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Laundry Room

Laundry Room

In the past, remodeling was synonymous with the kitchen or the bathroom.  Not too many people were looking for contractors to remodel laundry rooms.  In recent years, laundry room remodeling has become a popular project among homeowners. Most usually remodel their laundry room as part of a larger project, but on occasion they take it on as a stand-alone project.  If you’re considering exploring this realm, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of it:

Tip #1 Easy Access is the way to go
Nowadays, most homeowners, as opposed to placing the washer and dryer all the way down in the basement, they now want direct access from the main areas of the house (usually the kitchen), so as not to have to take that long trip.  In fact, many buyers look for a home where the laundry is on the main level, so making it accessible can increase your home’s market value.

Tip #2 - Provide a View
In the old days, the laundry room was located in the dark depths of the basement.  Not anymore.  People like a laundry area with an outside window. Having sunlight seems to take a lot of the tedium out of doing the laundry, which makes perfect sense, as recent scientific studies have shown that light is directly correlated with people’s moods.

Tip #3 – Provide good lighting
Good lighting is important, whether it be natural or electric.  If you’ve ever tried to match socks or fold pants in the dark, you’ll understand why.  Some people prefer incandescent lighting, which minimizes glare.

Tip #4 – Create an easy sorting system
Installing sorting bins makes organizing your laudnry much easier. Some people label each bin according to the type of wash: permanent press, delicates, colors, etc. It may sound crazy, but their clothes always look perfect and fit snugly.

Tip #5 – Allow yourself plenty of folding space
In any laundry room, you’ll need a spacious area for folding your clothes. Place the area away from the dryer so as to keep lint from getting into your clothes.  A countertop by the window is the ideal spot.

Tip #6 – Give yourself room to hang
Hanging space is essential, as many items of clothing can’t be put in the dryer.  Make sure the hanging rods are near the drip-drain so that the water doesn’t get all over your flow.  Plastic hangers are best; they don’t rust and they don’t get tangled like wire hangers.

Tip #7 – Create space for an ironing board
With so many specialized fabrics and finishes on the market, there’s an immense need for ironing. Many people like the kind of board that folds up into a panel in the wall, as it allows for more storage space. If you can install one, it will prove to be convenient.

Keep these factors in mind if you choose to remodel your laundry room.  By doing it right, you’ll turn into a chore into something you can actually cheer about!


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