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Kitchen Cabinet Replacement

Kitchen Cabinet Replacement

Keeping Your Kitchen Fresh: Repainting the Cabinets

Many people today are opting for a lighter look in their kitchens, and there are many ways to go about achieving this.  You can replace the cabinets completely, which is the most expensive option.  You can reface the cabinets, which involves applying a new wood veneer to the cabinet bases, as well as installing new doors and drawers. You can also have the cabinets stripped, bleached and refinished, which can keep the wood lock (but is also very expensive and is generally not successful).  Your most cost-effective option is to paint your cabinets, and here are some tips on how to go about doing that:

Have It Done Professionally

Many painting jobs can be done by homeowners, but a professional can see things you may not be able to.  In addition to painting the cabinets, they’ll also spray them, which ultimately results in the best possible finish. 

If you must do it yourself…

While each kitchen needs to be evaluated individually, this is the general process for repainting cabinets:

1-Wash them with TSP (Tri-Sodium Phosphate) so as to remove any grease or dirt build-up.

2-Remove all doors, hardware and hinges.

3-Mask off countertops and appliances.  Cover the floor and seal the room with plastic so as to prevent dust or paint from spreading to the rest of the house.

4-Make sure you dust and sand your cabinets thoroughly before repainting.  Have all dents and scratches repaired before going any further.

      5-Spray a primer coat on the cabinets.  Sand and dust the primer.

6-Next, you’ll want to apply a mix of primer and finish enamel.  You’ll sand and dust this mixture as well.

      7- Apply a final coat of enamel to the cabinet bases. Apply an additional coat to          doors and drawers, as those areas generally have more wear and tear.    

Repaint with oil and acrylic primers and enamels

These products have a hard finish that is resistant to chips and dents, so you’ll get the most mileage from this brand of paint. You can also opt to use solid-colored lacquers if the cabinets are brand new.

 Consider your colors

It’s becoming a popular trend to combine painting and staining in different areas of the same kitchen cabinets.  Some homeowners also opt to stain in two different colors. If you are not sure what color to select, consult a painter or interior designer for ideas in this area.

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