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Installing a New Roof

Time and Money-Saving Tips on Installing A New Roof

Installing new roofing is a task most people don’t enjoy.  Let’s face it: how many people, upon visiting your home, will say, “Hey, that’s a great roof you’ve got!”  But it’s still a very important job.  The average life span of a roof is 15 years, but in some parts of the country, new roofs are installed every five to seven years.  The following is a list on how to help you save money, time, and stress if/when you have to install a new roof:

Before you call:
 - Shop around for price.  Compare the rates of several roofers.  Also remember: cheaper is rarely better!
 - If you can manage it, contact a roofer when it’s not snowing or raining.  It can be a nightmare if you call someone while your roof is leaking, and he’s unavailable.
- Compare the prices of different roofing materials (e.g. asphalt shingles, wood shake, clay tiles).
- Ask your roofer for references.

Roofing Contracts:
- Ask your roofer which material would work best for your roof. If you can, secure a warranty or even a guarantee on his work.
- Agree to the length of time of the project.
- Come to an agreement about who is responsible if the roof leaks within a certain amount of time from the installation.

While an often tiresome task, having a new roof installation doesn’t have to be the nightmare your neighbors have probably told you about.  So follow these suggestions, and soon, you’ll be on your way to a brand-new roof!



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