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Garage Options

 For many homeowners, when they think “spring cleaning,” they think the garage, which can be an intimidating task for many. Whether you need to build a new one, remodel it for a different use, or simply organize it, solutions are available.  And, once your garage is in top form, you can add to it by fitting it with heating and air conditioning, phone wiring, and even plumbing!

1. Garage Additions
Many homeowners do garage additions when they’ve bought an additional car, if they need extra storage space, or even if they want to add a living area.  At any rate, a garage addition is great way to add square footage to your home. Even if you have a garage, adding a second story can help you create additional living space.  Many people find that a garage is the perfect setting for a home office or studio space. Most garages can be easily fitted for heating and cooling, plumbing, and telephone wiring.

2. Garage Remodeling
Many people find remodeling their garages offers the perfect environment to house an additional room, like a home office or a workshop. Many garages even allow for a variety of uses, allowing for cars, additional storage, and a laundry room all in the space.

However, some homeowners find that when they remodel, they lose storage space.  If this is the case, you may want to consider building a small shed in your yard to house tools or sporting equipment. Having a separate building for storage purposes will maximize your storage space, allowing you to use the garage for different purposes.

If it’s feasible, you could also consider building an addition above the garage. Adding a room above your existing garage can give you additional space for storage or work, and it can ultimately increase the value of your home.

3. Garage Storage and Organization
For many homeowners, organizing the garage (or even thinking about organizing the garage) is the equivalent of getting drilled for cavities.  But before you become too despondent, remember that organizing your garage is about giving each item a  place so that you can find it more easily.  The time you put into organizing your garage now can save you time spent looking for a Phillips screwdriver.  This remaining section will give you some steps on how to ease the pain of the process;


Step 1 - Sort and categorize
The first thing is to empty all the nooks and carries and take inventory of all your stuff.  Sort everything into categories.  Separate power tools, sporting equipment, etc. Once you realize how much stuff you actually have, you’ll be able to figure out the best ways to organize and store it, especially those miscellaneous items that wound up in the garage by mistake!

 Step 2 – Separate Seasonal Items
Install a rack (or hire a handyman to do it) so that you can hang anything you’re using seasonally in an accessible spot that’s out of the way. If it’s summer, store your snow shovel and snow blower, and then swap it out when winter comes around.

 Step 3 - Add additional garage storage shelving or cabinets
Getting organized is the easy part.  Staying that way is tougher.  Once you’ve emptied out the clutter, you should be able to create additional storage space so as to help keep you organized.  If you can afford it, have shelves or cabinets mounted on the wall to hold your stuff.  If you’re looking for a cheaper option, consider purchasing waffle blocks or durable plastic drawers.

 Step 4 - Create an efficient work area
If you plan to use your garage as a work area, make the most out of this space.  Install a work bench or table.  Purchase a pegboard or a tool chest to hold your tools so they’re not all over the space.

 Step 5 - Place trash and recycling bins near the garage entrance
Section off an area near your home’s entrance for trash or recycling.  This will create more space in your garage, and it will make it easier to dispose of them come garbage day.


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