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Energy Saving Options

Energy-Saving Options

“Greening” Up Your Windows

“Green” is a new buzzword when it comes to our homes.  New homeowners have been raised to be environmentally conscious, so they’re constantly looking for ways to save on energy, and hence, save on money.  There are some home improvements you can undertake that will help your home’s  the energy efficiency of your home (outside of replacing old windows with energy efficient windows).  Here are some small things you can do with your windows to make your home more “green”:

Tinted Glass – Homeowners have traditionally avoided tinted glass windows.  While known to be an energy saver in warmer climates, most homeowners avoid it because they add a dark, uninviting look to the home.  But, thanks to new technology, lighter-tinted windows have hit the market.  These can save the same energy and make your home look friendlier.

Glazing – Glazing is the practice of using multiple panes of glass in a window so as to create a thermal barrier between the interior and exterior climates of your home.  The more glazing you have, the better.  The thicker the glazing you have (i.e., the wider the space between the panes of glass and plastic), the more energy-efficient your window will be. 

Glass Fill – In addition, filling the space between glass panes can make a difference as well.  In multiple-paned windows, the area between the panes is well-sealed enough so as to allow gases to be used as fill, so as to increase the windows’ energy-saving properties.  Argon is the most popular of them, although there are several options from which to choose. 

 Low e-coating - A low e-coating is simply a clear coating applied to the glass that lets in light, but keeps the heat in. They come in different grades, so be sure to get the best energy efficient window for your climate.  A coating that works for a homeowner in Burlington, Vermont during the winter will have him dying from the heat in Boca Raton, Florida.

Some final benefits
Energy efficient windows are an excellent way to create more energy efficiency in our homes.  Not only do we help the environment, but we also save ourselves money on our electric bills.  In addition, our homes become more marketable to buyers, so talk to a window installer about choosing an energy-efficient window that will benefit you.

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