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Energy Star Windows

Energy Star Windows

 Become a Star with Energy Star Products

An Energy Star rating signifies that the product will be more energy-efficient than those products that do not have the rating.  These ratings are common on home appliances.  In addition, installing Energy Star windows will help save you money while protecting your home from sun damage. 

Saving Money
Many are bothered by products and ideas that are considered "Green". But recently, In addition to being environmentally friendly, products that are known to be “green” have proven to outperform other products.  On average, it’s been determined that using Energy Star products can save homeowners up to $1,000 per year.  By using Energy Star windows, you can save $350 per year on your electric costs as these products do a much better job of insulating against cold and heat .

Protecting Against Sun Damage
Typical windows don't offer much protection from the sun’s rays, and if you live in an area of the country where the sun is intense, it can cause the color to fade from your hardwood floors, carpets, walls, and furniture.

Many Energy Star windows come with a film or tinting that can block the damaging elements of the sun’s rays while still allowing sunlight and heat to enter.  They also provide extra insulation against the heat, so that way, your home’s comfortable year-round. 

When to Invest
There are a few occasions when it makes absolute sense to install these types of windows, and other times, when it makes no sense at all.  Here are some suggestions if you’re thinking about making the investment:

  • If you’re thinking about installing new windows, and your energy bills are already higher than what you want them to be, this investment will pay for itself. 
  • If you find home is too cold during the winter months and way too hot during the summer, these windows can dampen these extremes.\

Window replacement has a very high return on investment rating.  If these windows replacements are Energy Star rated, your home can be that much more marketable to a buyer, as you can show him how can he save on his electric bills before he even moves in.


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