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Before Hiring a Contractor


Before Hiring a Contractor

So You’ve Decided to Install New Siding…

Installing new siding can be a stressful process, even with the guidance of a contractor.  So you want to make sure you have someone who’s going to do the job thoroughly, as opposed to someone who just wants to get the job done.  The following are some tips so as to get the most out of your investment:

1)      Check customer references thoroughly. Many homeowners are hesitant to ask for references, but there’s no need to do so.  Any reputable contractor will be happy to have you speak to past satisfied customers: after all, they have nothing to hide!


2)      Verify that the contractor has insurance coverage.  If he is injured on the job and doesn’t carry insurance, you can be held legally responsible, so save yourself the headache.  Ask to see the certificate just to make sure.



3)      Request that “property protection” be a stipulation of the work agreement.  What this means is that the contractor promises to clean up all debris on a daily basis during construction.


4)      Make sure that the contractor covers bushes and other landscaping before beginning the job.  Have this be a part of the agreement.


5)      Find out about the warranty.  Be sure your contractor will guarantee the work for a specified time period.


6)      Research the steps on obtain the necessary building permits required by your local or city government.  Some contractors will even offer to obtain these permits.


7)      Obtain an estimate for the project.  This will tell you how much the project will cost and how long it will take to complete.  Once you get it, make sure you hold the contractor to these plans.  It’s also a good idea to ask them how different types of materials will affect the cost.



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